Ghost Writing

You supply the content, and I take it from there. I have worked with content experts in various fields to produce books covering everything from bipolar disorder to slam poetry.

Copy Writing

I work closely with clients to develop quality marketing copy, Web copy, newsletters, articles, and other written content that meets their needs.

Book Doctoring

Manuscript in shambles? I provide CPR for ailing manuscripts, as well as for frustrated authors and editors.

Copy Editing

When your copy needs a mechanic, call on me for a tune-up. I can tighten your language and punch up your prose to make it more engaging for readers.

Technical Writing

Need technical documentation? I’m the writer for you. I have written more than 50 books on computer- and software-related topics.

Website Design

I’m no Web programmer, but if you need a basic Website or blog, I can set one up for you and quickly bring you up to speed on the basics of posting content and configuring your site. I can even help you develop content for your site.