52 Weeks of Sales Success

By Ralph R. Roberts, with Joe Kraynak

Ralph R. Roberts eats, sleeps, and breathes selling, quite literally. Even when he dines out with his family, he engages the servers in conversation and hands them his business card or some other token to remind them of him. He is in a constant process of building referral business and expanding his circle of influence. As Ralph likes to say, “Relationships sell.”

Once dubbed “America’s scariest salesman” by Time magazine for his accomplishments, which include selling over six hundred houses in a single year, fifty times more than the average real estate agent, Ralph is in great demand as a speaker and coach. So extensive were his out-of-town speaking engagements that his own staff spoke up and said, “Why don’t you stay home and teach us a thing or two?” Ralph immediately began a series of popular weekly sales seminars for his staff, on which 52 Weeks of Sales Success is based.

Ralph now delivers the same energy and sales-generating wisdom and closing tools to everyone who is committed to achieving his or her full potential. In 52 Weeks of Sales Success, Ralph reveals his field-proven strategies for selling in the 21st Century:

  • Stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Develop systems and procedures
  • Hire an assistant, so you can concentrate on clients
  • Know your product, yourself, and your client
  • Under-promise, over-deliver
  • Turn problems into opportunities
  • Brand yourself as You, Inc.
  • See business where your competitors don’t
  • Treat your clients’ success as your success
  • Launch your weekly hour of power: 100 calls in 60 minutes
  • Expand networking opportunities with the 10-10-20 technique
  • Explore marketing opportunities on the Internet
  • Shadow a top-producing salesperson
  • Date your leads… or someone else will
  • Build trust in online communities
  • Fire your worst clients
  • … and more

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