Financing Real Estate Investments For Dummies

Financing Real Estate Investments For DummiesBy Ralph R. Roberts & Chip Cummings, with Joe Kraynak

Financing Real Estate Investments For Dummies is a practical guide to scoring cash for real estate investments. Right now, credit is tight, so the usual sources for investment capital may have dried up. Here, Ralph R. Roberts and Chip Cummings, with the assistance of yours truly, cover the usual sources of real estate investment capital along with less common sources, such as hard-money (private) lenders.

While now may be a good time to buy real estate, it’s certainly not the best time to try to secure financing. Following the advice of two investors who’ve bought and sold real estate in good times and bad, you can broaden you search for financing and find the investment capital you need to do the deal.

Financing Real Estate Investments For Dummies shows you how to…

  • Understand standard terms and concepts
  • Identify the various sources of investment capital
  • Gather all essential facts and figures to successfully apply for a loan
  • Weigh your options — decide which type of financing is best for your circumstances and incorporate it into your real estate investing plan
  • Finance residential properties — evaluate residential loan programs, navigate the loan application and processing, and handle the closing
  • Invest in commercial properties — know the different property types, choose the one that meets your investment goals, and discover unique sources for financing
  • Tap into unconventional sources — discover the pros and cons of “hard money,” capitalize on seller financing, partner to share risk and equity, and invest on the cheap with no-money-down deals

The book also offers…

  • Real-world advice on financing without tying up all your capital
  • How to get prequalified or preapproved for a loan
  • Questions to ask your lender upfront
  • Ways to avoid common beginner blunders
  • How to protect your personal assets from investment risks
  • Bargain-hunting hints for low-cost loans
  • Strategies for surviving a credit crunch
  • Ten pre-closing steps to ensure a hassle-free closing

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